About Us


About Us

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Founded in 2019, Asset Green Tech (AGT) is a trusted and reliable wholesaler and retailer of high-quality IC Chips and related semiconductor products. As a professional and experienced electronic components platform, we are supported by thousands of manufacturers and authorised agents. We provide a comprehensive and complete product list, ensuring our customers get what they look for. With our engagement in the electronic components industry for years, we are registered member of HK Inventory, The Broker Forum, IC Source and Digipart platforms to provide to and be exposed to a great variety of customers all over the world. We focus on end-user satisfaction as well as customer services, providing intelligent BOM solutions through big data and AI. We are favoured by many OEM, EMS, makers, and electronics factories. 

Our years of experience in the electronic components industry made us the most reliable supplier of premium-grade electronic components. We have unique market insights that set us apart from the competition. We also utilize customized and innovative supply chain solutions to help businesses run effectively and efficiently.

In the world of automation, our customers can expect Asset Green Tech to deliver personalized customer service and support. Our streamlined distribution process and rapid response ensure that our customers get their orders promptly and in the best conditions.

Best Partner in Electronic Components Procurement 

Asset Green Tech is everyone’s best partner in the procurement of IC chips and semiconductor components. We serve organizations ranging from global OEM and EMS companies and distributors to local and small manufacturers. We offer component shortage solutions and various services dedicated to handling our customer needs.

We ensure that our customers will acquire components quickly and affordably. We also assist our customers in disposing of any excess inventory safely.

Combining Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies 

We pride ourselves as the leading IC ships and semiconductor products supply chain service platform in Chino, CA, with a global customer base. 

We combine big data and AI technologies to offer top-notch quality electronic components products and services, including risk management, cost calculation, whole BOM purchasing, and substitute materials suggestions.

Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop of hardware manufacturers, SMT companies, EMS companies, PCBA companies, and more. We ensure to enhance the purchase efficiency and help our customers save from the cost of materials, time, and labor resources.

Our Team 

The core members of the AGT team have been working in the electronic components industry for many years. The team has established an efficient supply chain management system and gone through all the challenges that made them even more qualified and competitive.

We have technical engineers who ensure that the platform runs stably and timely updates. The team members have professional knowledge and experience in the electronic components in the industry. Our experienced data team ensures accurate and up-to-date product data at all times. 

With our global purchasing team, our customers can take advantage of the best prices from the supply chain across the globe. Our multilingual sales team effectively communicates with our customers from different parts of the world and handles their needs without any obstacles. The private BOM team is responsible for technical support and immediate quotation for all BOM inquiries. 

We always guarantee our customers will enjoy top-notch quality products and services at affordable costs.